Master Students interested in Microbiology and Molecular Biology   (Advertised: 25-05-2015)  Filled

Centre for Chemical Biology (CCB), University Sains Malaysia is seeking enthusiastic researchers (Masters) interested in handling of identification of new bacterial species from mangrove sediments.

The mangrove sediments harbor a rich diversity of microorganisms including unknown species. This means that the mangrove soils are a potential source of new biocatalysts and compounds. Currently, CCB has isolated over 150 bacterial strains, including several candidates for new species, from mangrove sediments in Matang Mangrove Forest and Taman Paya Bakau. In the process of identification of new species, it is expected that unique phenotypes such as biodegradation activity and production of secondary metabolite are found in the candidates.

Project is to identify new species based on biology (ex. cell culture, microscopic observation), biochemistry (ex. analysis of substrate degradation) and molecular biology methods (ex.16s rRNA analysis).-

Applicants should possess a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or equivalent. Knowledge of methods, procedures and techniques used in microbiology and molecular biology are preferred but not mandatory. Candidates must be highly motivated, have passion for research, able to work independently and in a team-based environment.

Successful applicants will be hired as Graduate Assistants for minimum period of 12 months.

Interested applicants are welcome to email a detailed resume, with cover letter and reference letters to:-

Dr. Go Furusawa


MSc and PhD Positions in Structural Biology   (Advertised: 25-05-2015)  Filled

Centre for Chemical Biology, Universiti Sains Malaysia, is offering MSc and PhD positions in Structural Biology. Candidates will be responsible for cloning, expressing, purifying, crystallizing and determining the 3D structures of proteins by X-ray crystallography.

Our current projects include proteins involved in bioplastics synthesis, latex synthesis and polysaccharide degradation, as well as antimicrobial proteins and Salmonella toxins.

Candidates should hold a degree in Biology or a related field. Successful candidates will be provided a monthly allowance and required to graduate on time. Please send your application with CV to:-

Dr Teh Aik Hong
Centre for Chemical Biology, USM

Master Students (Genomics and Bioinformatics)   (Advertised: 25-05-2015)  Filled

Centre for Chemical Biology (CCB), Universiti Sains Malaysia is seeking enthusiastic fresh graduates to work on funded projects related to biological sequence assembly, analysis and annotation of local environmental microbial isolates.

Genome sequencing has revolutionized our view of the microbial world, along with our understanding of their roles in various important biological processes. Recent advances in genomic technologies have facilitated the decoding of genome sequences of many organisms.

The successful applicant will be responsible for characterizing and analyzing the genomes of new bacterial isolates that are available in the Centre’s microbial culture collection as A USM-CCB MSC candidate.

  1. INTERESTED? Talk to us if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology or any Biology/Chemistry degree.
  2. WILLING TO WORK HARD? We can explore possibility of a fast track research topic that can be completed within A YEAR one year (registration for MSC by this year).
  3. WORRIED about $$? Successful applicants will be hired as Graduate Assistants for minimum period of 12 months.

Interested applicants are welcome to email a detailed resume to:

Dr. Lau Nyok Sean

M.Sc (RESEARCH MODE)   (Advertised: 22-05-2015)  Filled

INTAKE FOR M.Sc (RESEARCH MODE) IS NOW OPEN in Centre for Chemical Biology (CCB) USM.

Research Area

Development and characterization of novel molecular markers in investigating the infestation dynamics of the tropical bed bugs (Cimex hemipterus).

This study is aimed at identifying polymorphic microsatellite markers from the genome of a pest species, C. hemipterus by using the next generation sequencing technology. These markers will be used in elucidating the infestation dynamics of this species in urban areas. The outcome of this study will contribute to the improvement of integrated pest management of bed bugs infestations.


  1. Monthly allowance will be provided for 12 months (RM 1200)/mth). Subsequent funding will depends on performance.
  2. Involves field sampling and laboratory experiments.


  1. B.Sc in Biology or related field
    1. Including FYP students expecting graduation in current fiscal year
    2. Previous experience in basic molecular biology / biotechnology is and advantage
  2. Graduation-on-time

Please contact Dr. Veera Singham at if interested. Kindly attach your CV in your correspondence.